We are excited to be able to present the completed First Responder Family Handbook – A Guide to Thriving on a Daily Basis; a collaborative, effort between First Responder Family Resources of Cowlitz County and Dr. Stephanie Conn of First Responder Psychology.

Two years in the making, the Handbook brings together pro-active tips to support a thriving, first responder family and solid, clinical information to recognize when help is needed from outside the home.

Those behind the creation of this handbook are firm believers that help should be available for all. Hence, this resource was created with the idea that it should be freely accessible to everyone. To that end, a digital copy has been made available here and has been formatted to be printed on 8.5 x 11. Departments are welcome to use the supplement pages template also provided here to include their own welcoming message, protocols, and/or locale specific resources following the ‘For More Information’ section of the main document.

The whole of this document was written by and in collaboration with Dr. Stephanie Conn to ensure the clinical integrity of the information and recommendations. By accessing the digital copy for reproduction, you agree to present the document and its information in its entirety in order to preserve the integrity with which it was created.

For further information or questions regarding this handbook or reproduction of, please contact First Responder Family Resources here.