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One cannot have too many tools in their family resource toolbox, but what works for one family may look different for another. There are so many resources out there it can be overwhelming. The following books have been read, reviewed, and submitted by local first responder families. As we continue to build the site, look for book reviews on our favorites written by our very own. Stay tuned!

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BookChildA Hero Lives in My FamilyA Hero Lives in my Family by Dr. Susan Hunt"This book is a must for any child who has a first responder in their family!!! As the daughter of a police officer, I would have loved this book then. As the wife of a police officer with young kids, I loved reading this book to my kids. As a psychotherapist who specializes in first responders and military, I am buying this in bulk and giving it to my clients who have young kiddos!! It is such a beautiful way of normalizing the experience of kids whose lives are impacted by the responder life. It even addresses symptoms of PTSD without making it a bad thing or labeling it!! Such a fantastic read!!" - Amazon review

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BookPolice DepartmentI Love a CopI Love A Cop by Ellen Kirschman, PhD"My wife and I have both read I Love a Cop through and through, and our home life is stronger for it. This is an essential book for anyone with a loved one on the job--anyone who needs to understand the inherent strains, quirks, and challenges of police work. Dr. Kirschman writes with skill, wisdom, and grace, honoring police officers while still holding them accountable. I Love a Cop is a gift." - Amazon review, Sgt. Adam Plantinga, San Francisco Police Department, 16-year police veteran and author of 400 Things Cops Know

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BookFire DepartmentI Love a FirefighterI Love A Firefighter by Ellen Kirschman, PhD"Dr. Ellen Kirschman has done it again. Just as I Love a Cop did for police families, this in-depth book brings the world of fire fighting to life. Dr. Kirschman provides unique advice about relationships and family life for those who protect our safety and those who love them. A 'must-read' for fire fighter families!" - Amazon review, John M. Violanti, PhD, School of Public Health and Health Professions, University at Buffalo - The State University of New York

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BookEmergency ServicesBulletproof SpiritBulletproof Spirit by Dan Willis, Captain PD“‘Bulletproof Spirit’ details practical steps that are not only effective but essential to protect and insure the wellness of those who serve. It is a must-read for all first responders and their families.” - Chief Shelley Zimmerman, San Diego Police Department

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BookEmergency ServicesCode Four: Surviving and Thriving In Public Safety by Tania Glenn, PSYD, LCSW, CCTP
BookEmergency ServicesFirst Responder Resilience by Tania Glenn, PSYD, LCSW, CCTP
BookEmergency ServicesIncreasing Resilience In Police & Emergency Personnel by Stephanie M Conn PhD
BookEmergency ServicesThe Resilient 911 ProfessionalThe Resilient 911 Professional by Jim Marshall MA, LLP and Tracey Laorenza BSAvailable at
BookFire DepartmentFireman's Wife by Susan Farren
BookFire DepartmentHonor & CommitmentHonor & Commitment: Standard Life Operating Guidelines for Firefighters & Their Families by Lori

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EbookFire DepartmentStandard Life Operating Guidelines for Firefighters and Their Families by Lori
EbookFire DepartmentWhat To Expect: A Guide For Family Members of Volunteer Firefighters by Lori
BookHealthAddiction & Recovery for First Responders by Drew Prochniak MA, LPC, LMHC
BookHealthAdrenal Fatigue by James Wilson ND, DC, PhD
BookHealthFive Love Languages by Gary Chapman PhD
BookHealthGetting Past Your Past by Francine Shapiro PhD
BookHealthThe Body Keeps The Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk MD
BookHealthTrauma and Recovery by Judith Herman MD
BookLeadershipFirst In Last Out by John Salka, Battalion Chief
BookLeadershipNo Exceptions Leadership by Jason Hoevelmann, Battalion Chief
BookLeadershipLeadership in Dangerous SituationsLeadership in Dangerous Situations: A Handbook for the Armed Forces, Emergency Services and First Responders by Patrick Sweeney, Military Battalion Commander, Michael D. Matthews, PhD,PDAvailable at Amazon
BookPolice DepartmentA Marriage in ProgressA Marriage In Progress: Tactical Support for Law Enforcement Relationships by Victoria Newman CEO, How2LoveYourCopAvailable at Amazon
BookPolice DepartmentCounseling Cops by Ellen Kirschman PhD, Mark Kamena PhD, ABPP, Joel Fay PsyD ABPP
BookPolice DepartmentEmotional Survival for Law Enforcement by Kevin M Gilmartin, PHD
BookFire DepartmentFully Involved by Mynda OHS, Phd
BookPolice DepartmentBulletproff Marriage: A 90-day Devotional by Adam Davis
BookPolice DepartmentBehind the Badge: 365 Daily Devotional for Law Enforcement by Adam Davis
BookPolice DepartmentBreak Every Chain: A Police Officer's Battle with Alcoholism, Depression and Devastating Loss and the True Story of How God Changed His Life Forever by Jonathan Hickory
BookPolice DepartmentThe Peacemakers Wife: A journal for reflection and encouragement in your life as a police wife by Rebecca Lynn
BookPolice DepartmentCuffs and Coffee: A devotional for the wives of America's Law Enforcement by Allison Uribe
BookPolice DepartmentBecause I'm SuitableBecause I'm Suitable: The Journey Of A Wife On Duty by Allison UribeAvailable at Amazon
BookPolice DepartmentBullets in the Washing Machine by Melissa Littles
BookPolice DepartmentA Chip on My Shoulder: How to Love and Support Your Cop by Victoria Newman
BookPolice DepartmentCrossing the Thin Blue Line by Lisa Lerner
BookChildPolice: Hurrying! Helping! Saving!Police: Hurrying! Helping! Saving! by Patricia HubbellAvailable at Amazon
BookChildPolice Officers on PatrolPolice Officers on Patrol by Kersten HamiltonAvailable at Amazon
BookChildThe Policeman: Our Daddy, Our HeroThe Policeman: Our Daddy, Our Hero by Two Cops' WivesAvailable at
BookChildYour Daddy's a Police OfficerYour Daddy's a Police Officer by Bernard SchafferView on goodreads
BookChildPolice Officer (Busy People)Busy People: Police Officer by Lucy M. GeorgeAvailable at Amazon
BookChildA Day in a Life of a Police OfficerA Day in the Life of a Police Officer by Linda HaywardAvailable at Amazon
BookChildI Want to Be a Police OfficerI Want to be a Police Officer by Laura DriscollAvailable at Amazon
BookChildOfficer Dan Looks for CluesOfficer Dan Looks for Clues by Daniel Anselment (Older Children)Available at Amazon
BookChildFly Guy Presents: Police Officers by Tedd Arnold
BookChildMy Dad Is A Firefighter by Jaden and Joshua Colbert
BookChildMy (Daddy, Mommy, Uncle) is A (Police Officer, Sheriff, State Troope) by Donna Miele
BookChildGood Night Fire Engines by Adam Gamble
BookChildDaddy I Worry About You by Clarke Paris
BookChildKeeping You Safe: A Book About Police Officers by Ann Owen
BookChildA Day at the Police Station by Richard Scarry
BookChildBig Mike's Car by Leslie McGuire
BookChildLet's Meet A Police Officer by Gina Bellisario
BookChildI'm Afraid Your Teddy is in Trouble Today by Jancee Dunn
BookChildTopsy & Tim Meet the Police by Jean Adamson
BookChildWhy Is Daddy So Mad by Seth Kastle (PTSD, military example)
BookChildMy Daddy Has PTSD by Casey Sean Harmon (1st Responder stateside & military)
BookChildGrief Is Like A Snowflake by Julia Cook
BookChildThe Memory Box: A Book About Grief by Joanna Rowland
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